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Get the Contemporary Kitchen You Always Wanted

Get the Contemporary Kitchen You Always Wanted

If you feel as though your kitchen has gone out of style, it won't take too much work to implement a contemporary look and feel. A kitchen tune up can include anything from custom countertops to cabinet refacing, redooring, cutting-edge storage solutions and the installation of high-tech appliances. Let's take a look at some specific ways to remodel or redecorate a kitchen.

Mix-and-Match Style

Contemporary kitchens are often characterized by their use of several layers of materials with an abundance of textures and patterns. Modern kitchens are usually more conservative and do not have as much decoration as more traditional ones. Find a nice mix of different materials and shapes and combine them with variations of scale. Consider rounded lights in juxtaposition with rectilinear components, combinations of stone and wood, countertop shifting planes and various patterns on kitchen cabinets, tables and/or furniture.

High-Tech Appliances

Today's kitchen appliances are high-functioning, efficient and sleek. Some kitchens have induction cooktops, built-in coffee makers, cutting edge hoods and other easy to use appliances that are often built right into kitchen walls and other spaces. Consult with your kitchen remodeler to determine which high-tech appliances will fit best in your revamped kitchen.

A Stylish Backsplash Can Really Updates Your Kitchen's Look

White and Steel 

White appliances combined with stainless steel appliances create the beginnings of a kitchen with a contemporary look. This is especially true of kitchens with warm wood tones. Implement some light colored wood and it will balance perfectly with your kitchen's stainless steel and white appliances. Avoid black appliances as they tend to fade into the background. New stainless steel and white hues really set the stage for a true kitchen tune up. When transforming the rest of your kitchen's color, try to abide by the 60-30-10 rule — 60 percent of the kitchen should feature one dominant color, 30 percent should display a secondary color, and the remaining 10 percent or so should be an accent color.

Stylish Backsplash 

Incorporate some beauty in your kitchen to boost its aesthetic appeal. Sometimes all it takes is some concrete backsplash with ornamentation or tall marble to alter a kitchen's look and feel. Others choose to incorporate glass tiles, stone, mosaic or ceramic. Backsplash really lets the homeowner express his or her own sense of style and beauty with different materials.

Contemporary Tile

An outdated kitchen that isn't holding up well as time progresses can be quickly revitalized with some tile. Even a very small space of beautiful handmade tiles can make a powerful impact on the entire kitchen. Something off the wall like a size of 1 inch by 9 inches really can serve as a stunning focal point. Consider other irreverent designs and decorations such as penny tiles as well. These are circular mosaic tiles about the size of a penny that look fabulous when positioned in the right part of the kitchen.

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