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5 Ways Custom Drawers Can Revolutionize Your Kitchen Storage

5 Ways Custom Drawers Can Revolutionize Your Kitchen Storage

Although it's tempting to make big, splashy upgrades to your kitchen — and we're not opposed to full-scale kitchen remodel projects at all — one of the ways professionals bring sanity to their kitchen has everything to do with the things you can't see. Uncluttered, intuitively organized drawers make cooking easier and more efficient. Plus, guests will be impressed by your professional kitchen arrangement. Here's how to make it happen. 

1. Knives 

Some people love their knife blocks. But if counter space is at a premium (whose isn't, really?) or you just prefer a cleaner look, consider a knife drawer. Wooden slots keep knives upright, saving space, and the wood grain protects each blade to preserve that razor-sharp edge. Knife drawers are typically shallow. This allows just enough space for your knives to be stored on edge while allowing for larger drawers below. 

2. Spices

Are you tired of digging through your kitchen cabinets, knocking over half the spices you need until you find that little allspice jar near the back? A spice drawer can solve that and save cabinet space for bigger canisters of baking supplies or other things. Spice drawers typically contain mini slanted shelves that keep labels easily visible. 

A Spice Drawers Can Save Cabinet Space for Bigger Canisters

3. Utensils 

Larger cooking utensils like spatulas, whisks, garlic mincers, zesters and other kitchen tools can easily become a tangle that you have to dig through when preparing a meal. Keep them a little more organized using built-in drawer dividers so you can keep like items together or just keep everything pointed the same direction. Built-in drawer organizers can also keep your regular silverware beautifully organized while wasting less space than ill-fitting, generic utensil holders you'd purchase separately. 

4. Pantry Items

If you don't have a pantry or just want to keep certain staples closer at hand, deep lower drawers built to your specifications will hold chicken broth, bottled water or club soda for mixed drinks, extra bottles of olive or other oils and anything else that takes up vertical space. When they're built to the correct height, those deep drawers can increase your food storage space significantly, while keeping nearby the items you need most often. 

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5. Cookware

Slide-out drawers in lower cabinets make it easy to grab the pans you need without getting on your hands and knees to find the right cake pan that's hiding in the dark recesses of your cabinets. Vertical dividers in a deep lower drawer also offer the perfect place to hold cookie sheets and muffin tins so you can grab the one you need without upsetting an entire stack. 

Your ideal organization will always be tailored to your cooking style and organization preferences, so take a few days to pay attention to the kitchen items you need most often. Take note whenever you find yourself digging around for what you need, and think about ways you might be able to keep things more organized. You might just lend a little more sanity to your kitchen space, and want to spend more time in the kitchen than ever before. Want to talk to one of our experts about rethinking your cabinet drawers? Contact us today!