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3 Secrets to an Efficient, Multifunctional Kitchen

3 Secrets to an Efficient, Multifunctional Kitchen

Chances are you don't have to make your kitchen multifunctional. If your kitchen is like most, it's already home to a huge range of activities in addition to basic food prep. 

It's a homework and after-school snack stop. 

It's the place where everyone gravitates for snacks and drinks when company comes over. 

It's the room where little hands finger-paint while bigger hands make mouthwatering mac and cheese. 

Your kitchen might be home to more memories than any other spot in your house. Embracing its many functions will help cut the clutter, streamline the eating-cooking-snacking-sharing process, and make you want to spend more time there than ever before. These tips will help you do just that. 

1. Think Outside the Box 

If you use your kitchen for nontraditional tasks, don't hesitate to embrace them. Like to put your feet up with a good book while waiting for your apple pie to develop that beautiful golden brown crust? Think beyond cookbook storage and arrange space (maybe a floating shelf or two) for books you can kick back with when you have a moment. Have small kids who love to help out? Look at installing dedicated storage for step stools or kid workstations that make it easy for little hands to access countertops where you can supervise them. Evaluate the ways you need your kitchen to work for you and go with it, even if it's a little nonstandard. 

Add Plenty of Workspace Via a Portable Island or Desk

2. Add Plenty of Work Space

When your kitchen is more of a place to read a newspaper with a cup of coffee, you need more than just countertops, you need a place to sit and read. When it's home to children, chances are you'll want room for kids to sit and color, paint or create while you work your culinary magic. And when you decide to get creative and build a gingerbread house or learn basket weaving, you'll want a surface that works for that, too. A large desk, island or a small table gives you room to spread out without overlapping those activities into the food prep area at the same time. Workspaces on casters or portable islands can be moved right where you need them when you need them, even if you don't have a lot of square footage to work with. 

3. Make it Beautiful 

Pay attention to the textures of your surfaces, from kitchen cabinets to countertops to flooring. If you use your kitchen constantly for all things cooking and non-cooking-related, you'll enjoy it more if you love it, so don't be afraid to create your dream kitchen with an eye for beauty as well as function. Shelves can double as cookbook storage and places for your favorite mementos or useful, attractive items like that beautiful iron teapot or mortar and pestle. Refacing your existing cabinets completely transforms their look and the look of your kitchen. Treating your kitchen like a living space results in a cozier area that really works for you. 

Want to find out what's possible for your kitchen in your budget? Contact us today! Our experts would love to talk to you about options to make your multipurpose kitchen work for you and your family. 

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