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5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Floor for Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Floor for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you think of updating your kitchen, what comes to mind? Cabinets? Countertops? Your sink or appliances? Often during a kitchen remodel, homeowners get so excited about their updates that they neglect the floor or, at least, don't weigh their options carefully enough. But your flooring choice will help set the tone for the energy of your space. The right flooring choice can lend energy, brightness (or coziness), and contrast perfectly to balance out the rest of your kitchen design. And if you make a smart choice, it'll last for years. These tips will help you choose flooring that will beautifully complement your updated kitchen. 

Employ Contrast

Don't get too matchy. Flooring that's similar in color to your cabinets and/or walls tends to wash out a space. Instead, use your floor to balance your color scheme. Rich cherry cabinets can be balanced well with creamy tile or light hardwoods. Lighter kitchen cabinets will be set off beautifully by a rich, dark floor color. Don't be afraid of contrast. It's your friend. 

Choose a Color Family

All colors fall into one of two categories: warm or cool. Warm colors include cherry, rich mahogany, chestnut and warm off-whites. Cooler colors include gray, blue, white, green and other clear, bright colors. To make your kitchen feel special, you'll want to be careful about mixing color families and, in most cases, you'll want to avoid mixing color families altogether. Stick with warm or cool colors across your flooring, cabinets, tile and walls to create a more harmonious feel. 

Rich cherry cabinets can be balanced out well with creamy tile or light hardwoods. Lighter kitchen cabinets will be set of beautifully by a rich, dark floor color.

Take It Easy On Pattern Combinations 

Would you wear a houndstooth jacket with striped pants, a polka-dot scarf and a floral hat at the same time? Think of your kitchen in the same way. Choose one or two patterns you love, but don't overdo it. If you want to incorporate intricate hand-painted Moroccan tile, let that pattern be the centerpiece and forego an intricate mosaic design on your floor. You'll be glad you did. 

Look At Product Samples Next To Each Other

It's easy to get product samples from a distributor and only consider them in isolation. Designers know the power of a design board, a place where they compile all the textures, fabrics and colors of a prospective design in one place before they make a decision. Do this yourself and lay out your flooring options alongside wall colors, cabinet stains and tile choices. You might be surprised what looks great (or not so great) when it's beside your other pieces. 

Look For Similar Designs

This is the easy part. Browse Pinterest, Houzz or your favorite design catalogs to find spaces that utilize similar colors, textures and design choices that you like. Chances are good you'll get great ideas and fine-tune your plans so you get a space you'll love more than you ever thought possible. 

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