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The Benefits of Installing Soft Close Hinges on Your Cabinets

The Benefits of Installing Soft Close Hinges on Your Cabinets

Soft close hinges are a newer cabinet feature that help drawers and doors close more slowly, using a small piston that prevents the doors from being slammed into the frame. When the door or drawer is released or pushed back, the mechanism reacts upon reaching the last 25 degrees of closure, causing the door or drawer to slow and then close gradually and silently. 

The soft close hinge is an upgrade that offers your cabinets an extended lifespan and a calmer, quieter life for you and your family. The benefits of the soft close hinge are as follows.

1. Extend the Life of Your Cabinets

Soft close hinges limit the amount of wear and tear that can be put on your kitchen cabinets and their hinges. When the doors and drawers of your cabinetry are closed more gently, it reduces the stress put on them. Soft close hinges keep marks from forming on frames due to slammed doors, and prevents cracks and dents from forming on the doors themselves.

The soft close mechanism also reduces friction against your hinges, which extends their life and the amount of time before you have to shell out to have them replaced. Over time, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in repairs by investing in fixtures that cushion and protect your kitchen cabinets.

Soft close hinges keep marks from forming on frames due to slammed doors

2. No More Slamming Doors 

The benefits of soft close hinges go beyond cost cutting. When you install soft close hinges, you are injecting some much-needed peace and quiet into your everyday routine. When you push the spice cabinet door shut, it will slide silently into place instead of slamming violently and startling you into pouring too much salt into your stir-fry.

If you have children or pets who apply too much force to open cabinets, soft close hinges ensure that you won’t be able to hear them banging around in the kitchen from across the house. If your children are very young, soft close hinges also protect little fingers from being slammed or pinched while they learn to navigate the kitchen.

3. Complements a High-End Upgrade

There is a reason that quiet and longevity are often associated with luxury — you get what you pay for with fixtures and cabinetry. After investing thousands in new cabinets, or in refurbishing your old ones, you want them to last and you want to show them to their best advantage. Soft close hinges add that extra touch of elegance that somehow just isn’t achievable when your cabinets and draws slam shut with a startling bang.

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Keep your kitchen quiet and your cabinets safe with soft close hinges. They come in all finishes and colors, so, if you like, you can make literal the popular saying “silence is golden.”

If you’re longing for a little extra peace and quiet in your kitchen, contact Kitchen Tune-Up at 704-248-8847 for a free consultation about installing soft close hinges in your kitchen cabinetry. We guarantee our estimates and our work!