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Are White Kitchen Cabinets Right For Me?

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Right For Me?

Upgrading your existing kitchen comes with many decisions, each more difficult than the last. One of the biggest decisions can be choosing the color of your cabinets. With literally hundreds of colors, stains and finishes to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

White kitchen cabinets have become more and more popular, but are they the right option for you? Here are some things to consider that might help you make your cabinet color decision.

1. White Never Goes Out of Style

Wood finished cabinets quickly become dated based on the undertone of the wood. Dark cherry makes you think of the 70s, while natural pine screams late 90s decor. But from the Victorian era to present day, white cabinetry has never been out of place. 

While you may be afraid that white cabinets lack character or personality, nothing could be further from the truth. White cabinetry gives you a clean canvas upon which to express your personal sense of style. White goes with everything, it brightens and enlarges the space, and it brings a sharp, clean look to your kitchen. 

If you prefer a traditional look, white makes a soft and appealing complement to original hardwood floors and a butcher-block island.

2. White Gives You Options

White cabinets give you the option to accent the rest of your kitchen with whatever colors you want. Because white is a combination of all colors, it can go with anything from teal to seashell pink. Any other neutral color will clash with something, but white can blend or pop depending on your preference. 

You can make your furniture and accent pieces pop against the neutral color without committing. After all, it is much cheaper to re-paint your walls or replace a backsplash than it is to replace the cabinetry.

3. White Lets You Choose Your Chic

White comes in thousands of subtle hues that can complement a kitchen decorated in virtually any style. If you prefer a contemporary look, white is a sleek and natural counterpart to chrome and stainless steel accents and appliances. 

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If you prefer a traditional look, white makes a soft and appealing complement to original hardwood floors and a butcher-block island. For a modern twist, try a splash of intensely bright color to contrast appealingly with stark white cabinets. 

White cabinets allow you to choose and change your kitchen’s style until it’s a reflection of your and your family’s lifestyle and aesthetic. 

Final Tips

If you decide that white is the cabinet color for you, you can achieve this classic and classy look by installing thermofoil cabinets or refacing your cabinets.

Choose a matte finish for your white cabinets rather than a glossy one to avoid a glare from reflected light. If you choose a laminate veneer for your cabinets, they will be more resistant to dirt and cracking than painted cabinets, and they’ll also be easier to clean.

If it’s time to remodel your kitchen cabinets, contact Kitchen Tune-Up at 704-248-8847 to schedule a free consultation! We are proud to offer our award-winning services to the Charlotte, North Carolina area.