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Should I Reface or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

Should I Reface or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

Your kitchen is probably the most-used room of your home. Not only do you cook all your meals there, but it is also a central location to plan and spend time with your family. 

Lately, though, you've noticed that your kitchen cabinets are looking kind of dull. Maybe they're old fashioned or just a bit lackluster. You want to do something with them, but what? Kitchen Tune-Up would like to discuss your kitchen remodel with you and explain the differences between cabinet replacing and cabinet refacing. Either option could be just what you need to get your kitchen looking fancy. 

Cabinet Refacing

It's not always mandatory to install new custom kitchen cabinets to get a new look, particularly when drawer fronts and doors have worn down more quickly than the frames. Cabinet refacing allows you to renew your kitchen cabinets with new drawer fronts and new doors with a matching veneer. This will brighten up your kitchen while preserving your original cabinets.

When done correctly, cabinet refacing can be finished in roughly two to four days. Our carpenters guarantee that their work area will be cleaned daily, allowing you the option to use your cooking area in the evening. Kitchen Tune-Up can offer you a fantastic selection of colors and wood choices, as well as a number of sizes, colors, wood and door styles to choose from. The end result of choosing cabinet refacing is that the appearance of your kitchen is improved without blowing your budget. 

If you want to greatly change the functionality or appearance of your kitchen, remodeling with custom cabinets is the way to go.

Cabinet Replacing

Perhaps your kitchen cabinets are very old and have major wear. The condition of your cabinets will determine whether you can reface or whether you need to replace your cabinets with new custom cabinets. 

Custom cabinets might be the correct choice for you if you want to greatly change the functionality or appearance of your kitchen. Kitchen Tune-Up will schedule two visits to your home — one visit is an initial consultation where you can discuss exactly what kind of kitchen cabinets you would like. All drawings and photos you might have are welcome at this stage. 

At the second visit, we will have some splendid, full-color designs that you can review, and then we will order your brand new custom cabinetry. More time will be required to install custom cabinets. New cabinets will also be a more expensive option than cabinet refacing, but because Kitchen Tune-Up receives favorable pricing from the best cabinet manufacturers that we then pass along to you!

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For more information on refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets, and for other kitchen remodel ideas, check out our website. Still don't know which is the best option for you? Talk to our experts! Schedule a free consultation with Kitchen Tune-Up today.