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6 Top Trends for Bathroom Fixtures and Features

6 Top Trends for Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Kitchen Tune-Up is well versed in bathroom remodels. We can work wonders on your bathroom in the same way we transform kitchens into entirely new spaces! These top trends for bathroom fixtures and features might be the inspiration you need to complete your bathroom remodel with the perfect finishing touches. 

1. Rain Shower Heads

They once occupied only the highest-end bathrooms, but today shower heads mimicking rainfall have taken over a more budget-friendly corner of the home improvement market. Often mounted on the ceiling rather than the wall, rain shower heads occupy more space so you'll feel more like you're standing in a soaking rain shower rather than under a small, pressurized spigot. When coupled with wall sprayers and a handheld shower head, you'll feel like you're in a luxury spa.

2. Water-Saving Fixtures

Making smart environmental decisions is a welcome trend in today's interior design market, and new bathroom fixtures can help you save water every time you take a shower or flush the toilet. Today's water-saving bathroom fixtures, particularly those marked with a government-recognized WaterSense label, are stylish, modern alternatives to old-fashioned, water-hungry options. 

3. Customized Metallic Finishes

According to HGTV, customization is one of the top selling points when it comes to bathroom fixture finishes. Custom finishes for faucets and shower heads can be pricey, but the unique finishes make it worth the investment for many. After all, you're going to be seeing and touching that finish every single day, so why not choose the one you absolutely love? Custom oil-rubbed finishes give faucets an old-world or rustic feel. Copper and brass finishes are also making a huge comeback. 

Bold, colorful tiles inspired by nature, like Moroccan tiles, are trending in bathroom design.

4. Bold Tiles 

Move over, minimalism. Bold, colorful tiles inspired by nature are on the upswing, like hand-painted Moroccan tiles (or less expensive look-a-likes) and Mexican Talavera tiles. Unique mosaic patterns and unexpected color combos also add incredible style to otherwise ordinary spaces. Cut costs and simplify style by just using these bold tiles as accents alongside solid-colored ceramic tiles to pack a punch that doesn't break the bank. 

5. Vessel Sinks 

Vessel sinks continue to offer a contemporary take on traditional style in a huge variety of design schemes. Vessel sinks tend to be eye-catching, add unexpected elegance to a bathroom, and they work with a wide variety of faucet styles. 

6. Open Shelving 

Keeping some open shelf space contributes to a contemporary, chic design that keeps your bathroom feeling airy and organized. The only caveat? You actually have to keep your shelves looking tidy and organized to pull off this look, so only go for it if you can see yourself (and others) keeping up with it. 

For help upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, feel free to contact us today! We'd love to talk to you and help you explore the design potential of your space.

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