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5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Try

5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Try

If you're ready to update your kitchen but don't want to spend thousands on new custom kitchen cabinets, upgrading just your cabinet doors might be the perfect option. Kitchen Tune-Up offers a wide variety of options that don't require replacing your cabinets. Cabinet redooring and refacing can completely change your kitchen's look in no time without the cost or time investment of a major remodel! This overview of some of today's top cabinet door styles will help point you in the right direction. 

1. Shaker 

Shaker-style cabinets are some of the simplest, versatile and most popular on the market. The five-piece construction includes a solid backboard and four simple pieces forming a frame around the edge. Shaker cabinet doors work well in traditional to transitional kitchens, complementing a huge variety of home styles depending on the finish and hardware you choose to complete the look. 

2. Louvered

Louvered cabinets offer an eye-catching alternative to traditional solid cabinet doors. Louvered cabinets are constructed from fixed, angled slats, much like old-fashioned shutters or wooden blinds. These cabinet doors add a unique architectural element that works particularly well in modern and contemporary kitchens, but they typically come with a much higher price tag than their simpler counterparts. 

2. Slab 

Another favorite for contemporary kitchens, slab cabinet doors are both cost-effective and attractive. Slab doors are flat and free from any adornment, including framing or routed edges for a clean look. 

If you adore French country or cottage-style decor, beadboard cabinet doors offer a brilliant place to start in your kitchen.

3. Distressed

"Distressed" refers more to the finish of the doors than to the design of the doors themselves, but it's hugely popular today among those who love old-world, cottage, or shabby chic style. Distressed cabinets are usually finished with a solid color, which is then artfully sanded and smoothed to create a well-loved, worn look. 

4. Beadboard

If you adore French country or cottage-style decor, beadboard cabinet doors offer a brilliant place to start in your kitchen. The quintessential beadboard cabinet doors are white with simple hardware. You can't beat the bright, clean feel that beadboard lends to a space, but keep in mind that cleaning dust (or flying food from your mixer) from all those little grooves could be quite a chore. 

5. Thermofoil 

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) doors are among the most cost-effective on this list, and they're available in a wide variety of styles. They're long lasting, available in a variety of colors and faux wood grains, and budget-friendly. Easy care and consistent look makes RTF doors a top seller. 

Still have questions? Contact us for more information about your options or to get a quote to remodel your kitchen cabinets. We'd love to help you make your dream kitchen a reality. 

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