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The Best Countertops for White Kitchens

The Best Countertops for White Kitchens

White is a great color for kitchens. It's clean and bright, and best of all, it's inviting. Because no color clashes with white, it also provides the most versatile canvas from which to paint the rest of your kitchen. During a remodel, once you have your white cabinets anchored in the plan, the next most important elements will be your countertops and the floor. Since these comprise the largest surfaces, they truly must work together for a cohesive design. If any of the three fights bitterly with any of the others, you may find your renovation project misses the mark.

Considering the counters as the second most important selection, which type would be the best for your white kitchen? The answer may depend in large part on the shade of white you choose. Here are some ideas to ponder.

Dark Stone or Engineered Stone

Since these materials can be made to replicate natural stone, but with a virtually unlimited color palette, you have voluminous options. For a great contrast to bright white cabinets, slate or granite in deep rust, red, forest green or black adds interest and some weight to the room. Consider stone with flecks of golden mica. Complement the counter's secondary colors to those within your backsplash.

Highly polished and sealed travertine takes the stark contrast down a notch or two while still offering your senses a provocative point of interest. The buff-colored travertine would be thoroughly embraced by antique white cabinetry.

Hardwood butcher block countertops would accentuate the white cabinets whether they are bright, smoky or antique.


Hardwood butcher block countertops would accentuate the white cabinets whether they are bright, smoky or antique. Especially stunning is wood counters over a hardwood floor. While these are quite attractive, for the kitchen that sees intensive use, wood may have a shorter lifespan than stones or seamless laminates in wood or stone patterns.


For an interesting south of the border theme, contemplate Mexican tile for your countertops. Don't stop at earth tones. Think of the dynamic primary colors to add yet more joy to your white kitchen. Integrate an offset geometric tile pattern up the walls and backsplashes, too. If you love white cabinets for the purpose of accenting your kitchen with dancing colors and textures, tile of any style could be right for you.


Few materials offer as much luxury and elegance than marble or expertly created faux marble. Veined with black, gray, pink or beige streaks, all the white in your kitchen may seem like you died and went to chef's heaven. If marble is calling your name but seems to add too much white, you can choose your flooring in a color that bonds with the marble veins so your eyes will have a little relief from all that dazzling white.

Pulling together a great kitchen remodeling scheme cn be a lot of fun and is limited only by your imagination. Kitchen Tune-Up is here to help. With our years of experience and boundless design resources, we can help you get started, settle on a plan and complete it to exceed your expectations. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.