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Maximize Space in Your Galley Kitchen

Maximize Space in Your Galley Kitchen

When it comes to fast, efficient food preparation, you just can't beat a galley kitchen. Their long, narrow construction may seem cramped for some, but this design keeps all your tools and appliances virtually at your fingertips, reducing the distance between critical workspaces. It's true, though, that galley kitchens tend to offer less in terms of storage space, which can hamper a culinary artist's style. If you're preparing to remodel your galley kitchen, here are some tips to maximize your space and storage capacity.

Extend Into the Next Room

If the room adjacent to the kitchen can accommodate it, think about opening up the walls on either side of the kitchen entrance and creating counter pass-throughs to the next room. By extending the countertops a foot or so into the next room, you can also add stools for casual places to eat. Beneath the counter, you can have shelves or cabinets to store smaller appliances or pantry items. If your doorway is still framed, use the narrow vertical spaces to hang dish towels or pretty accents.

Run Cabinets to the Ceiling

By installing cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling, you save valuable surface area  relocating items that you need less often away from the counters so that you inherit considerably more work space. Plus, less cluttered counters make the kitchen appear larger. Store your decorative china behind glass cabinet doors to break up the visual monotony of long cabinets.

Wherever you find gaps between appliances and walls or cabinet boxes, have custom-built pull-out spice racks or shelves installed.

Open Shelving

One option to create more space is to remove the cabinet boxes and line the walls with open shelves. This style works well in smaller kitchens, but if you're a clean freak, you may find the need to wipe the shelves regularly a bit oppressive. In that case, avail yourself of cabinetry but maintain a spacious feel by installing glass doors on all the cabinets or by choosing a white color scheme.

Utilize Every Square Inch

Galley kitchens tend to not have L-shaped counters and cabinets, but if they do exist in yours, don't let that big square of empty space in the corners go to waste. With cleverly-designed drawers and pull-out hardware, you can use every bit of that corner space. Some kitchens use lazy-susans to access the corners, but even that option leaves vacant storage room. Also, cabinets and counters set at an angle into the corner can liberate that storage space without too much customization.

Wherever you find gaps between appliances and walls or cabinet boxes, have custom-built pull-out spice racks or shelves installed. You can hide boxes of wrap products, spices, canned goods, baking sheets and cooking utensils in the short, counter high gaps. Taller gaps can hold your broom, mop and maybe a fold-up step ladder to reach those items you store near the ceiling.

Buy Smaller Appliances

If you're not feeding a small army, you can probably do just fine with a smaller stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. What you save in appliance space you make up for in storage. You can never have too much storage.

Galley kitchens certainly offer many advantages if you design the layout carefully. For more design tips, take a look through our blog! Would you like help planning your remodel? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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