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Use Color to Evoke Emotions in Your Rooms

Use Color to Evoke Emotions in Your Rooms

Trying to choose a color for your space? Keep in mind that the colors you choose can impact the attitudes and emotions of the people in each room. It's about more than pulling your furniture and accessory choices together, it's about creating an atmosphere that could be peaceful, energizing, creativity-inspiring or soothing. Though different people and cultures respond to the same colors differently, some colors do tend to have similar effects on wide slices of the population. This overview should help give you an idea of how! 

1. Red

Shades of crimson are connected with emotionally-charged meanings that run the gamut from fiery romance to heated anger and violence. In China, the color symbolizes prosperity. In the U.S., studies have shown the color red can increase blood pressure and respiration rates and even increase appetite, so think twice before you use red in your kitchen remodel! Brighter shades of red give a space a feel of energy and movement, while deeper shades of red tend to reflect power, elegance and even wealth. 

2. Orange

Orange adds vibrancy, motion, and energy to a space, and it's also often associated with health and vitality. Perhaps because it is so commonly associated with autumn and the changing of seasons, the color sometimes represents change. Gyms and fitness centers often use orange and bright green hues to spur visitors to movement. In design, pops of orange — like orange window treatments or small accessories —command attention and add a jolt of excitement. 

For most people, the color green represents growth, nature and renewal. Green can be either calming, energizing or a little of both.

3. Yellow 

It doesn't get any sunnier, brighter or happier than yellow, the color of warm, happy, bubbly laughter. In the U.S. especially, yellow often symbolizes hope (think of the yellow ribbons that families of soldiers display), but it can also represent cowardice or deception. Pastel yellows are typically used in young children's spaces, but it can also create a peaceful sense of happiness in a family room, sunroom or kitchen. Deeper yellows and golds give an old-world feel to a room and impart a feeling of permanence along with yellow's characteristic happy-go-lucky vibe. 

4. Green 

For most people, the color green represents growth, nature and renewal. Green can be either calming, energizing or a little of both. This color can represent the peace of nature with soft olive green or similar shade, but it can create energy and excitement with a bright, vibrant green. Or, with a dark green like forest and emerald shades, it can give an impression of permanence and wealth.

5. Blue

There's a reason spas and health clinics often use blue liberally in their interior design — it creates a sense of calm and peace as well as of responsibility. In Western culture, blue is often associated with sadness. Dark blue is often used in formal spaces where a sense of reliability and respectability is desired. Light blues like sky blue or even a rich ocean blue can be energizing and inspiring.  

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