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Creating a Kitchen that Can Both Entertain and Function

Creating a Kitchen that Can Both Entertain and Function

As yet another holiday season ends, many homeowners have spent weeks hosting friends and family in their homes. Others were fortunate enough to be the guest this year, instead of hosting. No matter which role you played this holiday season, you most likely noticed the fact that many holiday gatherings end up taking place largely in the kitchen. When a kitchen is designed for entertaining, it is a joy to spend time there with loved ones. When the design is less than ideal, the result can be an overcrowded space with a range of functional challenges. Fortunately, the New Year is a great time to begin planning a kitchen remodel, leaving plenty of time to prepare for the next round of warm weather entertaining. 

Room to Move

One of the most important aspects of good kitchen design involves the flow of traffic through the space. Being able to entertain in the kitchen requires the ability for the host and guests to be able to move through the area, and have plenty of room to set down plates and glasses without interrupting the conversation. Having plenty of lower cabinets and counter space can make it far easier for everyone to feel welcome in this part of the home.

Sit Down and Stay for Awhile

Seating is also important, and also helps keep guests in one area while the host prepares or serves food. Installing a kitchen island is an excellent way to bring the party into the kitchen. An island provides additional cabinets for storage, and also adds seating options on one or more sides. When an island incorporates a sink and prep area, serving and cleanup become a breeze. One of the primary benefits of a kitchen island is the ability for family and guests to gather in the same area where food is being prepared, which allows the cook to remain connected to the party, rather than feeling isolated in the kitchen.

Installing a beer fridge or wine cooler is a great way to enhance entertaining options.

Beverage Options for Entertaining

Installing a beer fridge or wine cooler is a great way to enhance entertaining options. Having a dedicated beverage area cuts down on the need to access the main refrigerator as frequently during parties. It also helps keep most of the traffic flow away from the primary food prep area, leaving more room for the host to work. When not needed for entertaining, a small secondary fridge steps in to chill healthy drinks and snacks for the kids. 

For those in the Charlotte area who are thinking about improving the flow and design of their kitchen, the pros at Kitchen Tune-Up can lend a hand. Call us today with any questions or to request a free quote. We work with our clients to create a kitchen that works for their particular lifestyle and needs, and can offer numerous suggestions on making this space more comfortable and functional. We work to stay in your budget and keep the disruption to a minimum. 

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