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The Best Paint Colors to Complement White Cabinets

The Best Paint Colors to Complement White Cabinets

?Are you thinking about redoing your kitchen, but are feeling confused about all the design options you have? Avoid the trouble of painting your cabinets yourself and go for classic white pre-painted cabinets. White cabinets are the perfect fit for any style of kitchen and allow you the flexibility to show your personality through the color of your walls. Choose one of the color choices below to complement your new cabinets.  

Choose A Big, Bold Color

Don't be shy. Your kitchen is the center of your home and the scene of a daily swirl of activity. Design its décor to be just as wild. 

  • Deep red is a lush and sensual color. Introducing such a bold tone into your kitchen may seem risky, but what is life without a little spice? Deeper reds provide depth to your room and works very well with stainless steel appliances. 
  • Pale Yellow will add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen. It works particularly well as an accent in a kitchen with white cabinets and darker flooring. 
  • Mint is so retro that it is coming back into style. Mint walls will brighten your kitchen and add a "wow factor" without being too kitsch. 
  • When you paint your kitchen mango, you are making a real statement. This color creates an energetic vibe and is a perfect choice for anyone who leads an active, fun lifestyle. 

Pale yellow will add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen. It works particularly well as an accent in a kitchen with white cabinets and darker flooring.

Encourage Calm

There is already too much going on in your kitchen — from kids running around to rushing to prepare a last-minute meal. You don't need any more excitement. Why not choose a subdued palette to help you relax?

  • Nature green calms the mind and helps to add a feeling of serenity by bringing the outdoors into your kitchen. This relaxed hue helps to make your white cabinets pop. 
  • A coat of seapearl paint on your walls makes your kitchen seem more airy. There is even contrast between pure white to keep your cabinets from fading into the background. 
  • Navy and white may conjure up nautical thoughts which is great for a seaside home. But even if your home is miles from the closest coastline, touches of navy add a sophisticated and classic look. 
  • Charcoal gray provides a calm, masculine feel to your kitchen. It is a classy color which you can easily extend into the living area in an open concept kitchen. 

You don't have to spend a fortune to get the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen remodeling experts at Kitchen Tune-Up can help you to renovate your existing kitchen and turn it into your favorite room in the house in less than five days. Kitchen Tune-Up provides affordable and quick cabinet solutions for any kitchen. Call 704-248-8847 to speak with a customer care specialist today.