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Why Use Accent Cabinets in Your Kitchen?

Why Use Accent Cabinets in Your Kitchen?

Whether you plan to reface or replace your kitchen cabinetry, you should consider adding accent cabinets to the mix. These unique doors depart from the style used for the rest of your cabinets and deliver a dash of interest. Particularly appealing in a large kitchen with long rows of cabinet doors, accents break up the monotony and get noticed.

What are Accent Cabinets?

An accent cabinet can take many configurations. Glass panels, decorative overlays or inlays, louvers, stainless steel or doors simply painted in an offset or complementary color are some of the many options available. You may want to build a special accent cabinet in a corner that fits between the countertop and the underside of the hanging cabinets above. Inside, you could stash small appliances or frequently-used utensils that otherwise clutter the counter space.

Like accent walls that complete a room with an eye-catching pattern or color, accent cabinets attract attention without throwing your decorating scheme off balance. In fact, when well placed, accent cabinets can enrich the symmetry and art of your kitchen.

Since accent doors grace only a few of the cabinet boxes, you enjoy the appearance of an upscale kitchen minus the high cost of outfitting all of your cabinets with the special doors. Therefore, your kitchen environment gains a pricey look without coming close to breaking the bank.

Mullion Doors or Something Else?

A popular choice for accent cabinetry is mullion doors. You recognize this style from old-fashioned windows. They feature clear glass fronts that are divided by a series of decorative vertical and/or horizontal slats, often in a square pattern. But the slats can present more exotic designs, too, such as diamonds, curves, filigree or combinations of the above. Mullion or clear glass doors allow you to see into the cabinet. They're wonderful when you want to display china, crystal or your antique teacup collection. To finish the effect, you can include hidden lights to wash over your finery and set it aglow. Often, mullion doors bookend a row of cabinets or enclose shorter cabinets above the main set. 

Mullion doors enhance any traditional kitchen style, but if you're planning a mid-century or modernist scheme, you may find other types of accent cabinets more to your liking. With frosted glass, stamped copper, smooth metallic faces, doors that open from the bottom up and doors with decorative cut-outs (to name just a few), you can fashion a kitchen perfect for your unique tastes.

Upscale, Custom Look for a Very Reasonable Price

Since accent doors grace only a few of the cabinet boxes, you enjoy the appearance of an upscale kitchen minus the high cost of outfitting all of your cabinets with the special doors. Therefore, your kitchen environment gains a pricey look without coming close to breaking the bank.

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