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7 Tips to Help Organize Your Closet

7 Tips to Help Organize Your Closet

It’s easy enough to throw stuff into your closet because you’re in a hurry or too lazy to do anything else. You don’t really care about the clutter in there since you can just close the door on it. But this is a recipe for running out of space fast and not being able to find your favorite article of clothing because it’s buried under other stuff. Avoid this mess by following these seven tips.

Arrange the Clothes

Rather than putting clothes arbitrarily in a closet, try to arrange them with a purpose. Put all work clothes together, all dressy clothes together, and all casual clothes together, for instance. The arrangement makes it easier for you to pull together an outfit because you’re grabbing clothes from one area of your closet.

Create Categories

Specify different areas in your closet for different categories of what you wear. For example, the largest area should be for your clothes. Then, you can devote a smaller area for shoes, another for accessories, and so on.

Double the Hanging Space

One rod mounted at eye level is great for long dresses but wastes the space below it for other types of clothing. Devote just a short section of your closet to the one rod. As for the rest, mount two rods: one slightly above your head and the other near your waistline. You’ve instantly doubled your hanging space. Use the upper rod to hang tops and the lower one for bottoms.

Develop Built-Ins

Build features into your closet such as a tie rack, scarf storage, shoe shelf and more. They automatically organize your space and offer you more room.

Build features into your closet such as a tie rack, scarf storage, shoe shelf and more. They automatically organize your space and offer you more room.

Rely on Line-of-Sight

Put items that you use often at your line-of-sight, so you don’t spend precious time digging through all your stuff. To save time, you can assemble a complete outfit and put it at your line-of-sight to wear for the next day.

Organize with Bins and Baskets

You may be throwing things on the floor of your closet because you have nowhere else to put them. Solve that problem by buying storage bins and baskets that can hold your loose items. You could even designate one container as a To-Do holder. You can temporarily put stuff in the holder right away as long as you hang it up or spend time at the end of the day to clean the holder by putting everything in their rightful places.

Use All Available Space

If you need space to store extra items, be sure to use all available space in your closet. You could add shelves that extend all the way to the ceiling and put rarely used items there. Or add a tie rack or shoe carrier to the back of the closet door.

If you want to fix up your closets or organize another area of your home, contact us at Kitchen Tune-Up for your organization needs.