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Kitchen Appliances: When Should I Replace Them?

Kitchen Appliances: When Should I Replace Them?

There are few things in your home more reliable and hardworking than your kitchen appliances. Most homeowners wait until one breaks before even thinking about shopping for a replacement. But just because your fridge or stove is working today, doesn’t mean it will last forever. If you can’t remember the last time you installed new appliances in your kitchen then read on to see if it's time to replace them.

Knowing When to Replace Your Kitchen Appliances 

  • The Fridge. A broken fridge isn’t just inconvenient, it can also be costly. Having to throw out spoiled food is expensive. The good news is that refrigerators generally last around ten years before they stop working. The bad news is that older fridges that are still running are generally less efficient at maintaining temperature, and that means a higher electricity bill. Some of the most common signs that you should start looking at new fridges are when the motor runs constantly, you notice a buildup of ice in the freezer, or when you find that food is going bad before the expiration date on the packaging. 
  • The Stove and Oven. Stoves and ovens take a lot of abuse in the average kitchen. With proper maintenance and cleaning, most gas ranges can last 15 years or more, while electric ones top out at around a 12 year lifespan. A few clues you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your stove or oven include longer than average preheating time, food taking longer to cook than normal, electric burners which do not heat evenly, or a smell of gas while operating which can indicate incomplete combustion. 
  • The Dishwasher. A dishwasher is a real game changer. It makes washing your dishes effortless unless there is an issue. Then it can mean the hassle of rewashing by hand or even water damage to your floor. A dishwasher should last about ten years depending on its quality and how frequent you use it. Two of the first signs your dishwasher may need replacing are when food debris remains on your dishes or there is standing water in the bottom of the machine after washing. Another indicator a new dishwasher is in your future is cold, wet dishes after a cycle is over. 

The bad news is that older fridges that are still running are generally less efficient at maintaining temperature, and that means a higher electricity bill.

  • Small appliances. Kitchen items such as your toaster, coffee maker, blender or microwave tend not last too long in a busy kitchen. Many of these appliances need replacing after three to five years. Since these smaller appliances are relatively inexpensive, it usually does not make financial sense to spend the money to repair them. 

Although not an appliance, cabinets are essential kitchen equipment. Unfortunately, they are rarely replaced and tend to be the most outdated parts in kitchens. Well-made cabinets can last 20 or more years, but older cabinets tend to lack the storage space necessary for how most homeowners cook today. Kitchen Tune-Up offers customers high-quality, low-cost options for updating out-of-date cabinets. Whether you need a quick cosmetic upgrade or an entire kitchen remodel, call Kitchen Tune-Up at 1-800-333-6385!